Selling Crash Reports Online

The CARTS has partnered with LexisNexis® CoplogicTM Solutions Inc, to help your agency sell its crash reports securely online.

Additionally, the CARTS and LexisNexis have developed a program with Experian® that will provide participating agencies with complimentary access to a national database, AutoCheck® for Law Enforcement, powered by Experian.

When combined this relationship allows participating agencies to:

  • Sell crash reports online without having to provide equipment, resources, or technical knowledge
  • Help its officers prevent fraud and the titling of stolen vehicles through their smartphone, laptop or tablet via complimentary access to AutoCheck® for Law Enforcement, powered by Experian
  • Keep 100% of applicable agency report fee revenue realized from the sale of reports
  • Reduce staffing needs, work hours and supply costs associated with manually printing and fulfilling report requests
  • Improve service to its community with on demand access to crash reports online*

*Citizens still have the option to request crash reports in person or by mail if they so desire

Here's how it works:

  • Request this no cost service from LexisNexis
  • LexisNexis will then establish an agreement with your agency which allows the agency to set your crash report agency fee and authorizes LexisNexis to sell reports on the agency's behalf.
  • CARTS will provide a few data elements to LexisNexis to enable online searches and will only release a copy of a crash report to LexisNexis once it is sold

As part of LACRASH, don't miss this opportunity to streamline your crash reporting process and offer more services to your community!

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Underwood Law Enforcement Associate at 678-807-0444 or

Anthony Gonzales Law Enforcement Specialist Account Manager at 210-296-6530 or

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