New Application Release: Crash Query Tool

November 28, 2023

Baton Rouge, LA – The Center for Analytics & Research in Transportation Safety (CARTS) has launched an innovative roadway analysis tool, exclusively designed for engineers at the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

The application seamlessly integrates crash data with the power of analytics and geographic information systems (GIS). Aptly named the Crash Query Tool, the innovative solution assists transportation engineers with the identification, evaluation, and planning of safety enhancements and/or strategies for crash sites.

The tool replaces disparate manual processes, streamlining workflow and empowering engineers to make decisions by providing access to all the necessary information they need in a comprehensive portal. Within the application’s user-friendly interface, engineers can identify and analyze road segments while leveraging insight from critical factors such as crash volume and severity.

To provide a dataset with the greatest value to users, the Crash Query Tool’s data quality is assured first and foremost through law enforcement agencies’ collection of high-quality crash report data. Each crash report’s timely, complete, and accurate submission to the state database ensures that DOTD engineers have the most reliable data. Additionally, the Crash Query Tool integrates DOTD’s robust quality assurance and control initiatives as well as refinements from CARTS’ internal data quality program.

Looking ahead, CARTS continues to lead in transportation safety by providing user-friendly tools to its stakeholders. A law enforcement-focused tool in development, and will assist agencies with their prevention and enforcement efforts. CARTS has partnered with select law enforcement agencies to host focus groups on user needs, as well as interface testing and feedback. CARTS plans to begin the tool’s rollout in early 2024.

The Crash Query Tool, as well as the forthcoming law enforcement tool, reinforces CARTS’ commitment to empowering its stakeholders with the tools and publications necessary to make data-driven decisions for the advancement of transportation safety.


The Center for Analytics & Research in Transportation Safety (CARTS) is responsible for collecting, maintaining, integrating, analyzing and distributing crash-related data captured from law enforcement and other agencies throughout the State of Louisiana. CARTS utilizes this data to develop business intelligence (BI) and GIS tools, perform project studies, and produce yearly reporting. These tools and publications are used by decision-makers to identify potential problem areas, create countermeasures, set policies, and establish programs to improve the safety of our roadways in Louisiana. CARTS is a center within the E.J. Ourso College of Business at LSU.

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