Pre-Onboarding Checklist

Step 1: User Transfer
  • The first step in your transition to Louisiana eCrash is to create users for your agency. Use this template to create a list of users you wish to use the eCrash system. On the template you will need to provide the following information:
    • User's unique username
    • Full name
    • Working email
    • Their corresponding roles
    • Badge Number
    • Rank

Please email the file to A lot of this data can be pulled from your agencies active directory, LACRASH's user data table, or can be manually entered. If you need assistance with retrieving your user information from LACRASH, please contact or give us a call at 225-578-0366.

Once users are uploaded, an email will be sent to each user to set their password.

Step 2: POST Training
  • Every officer must visit this website:
  • Log into POST using your proper POST credentials.
  • Locate the eCrash training section.
  • Watch the videos to finish your training.
Step 3: Louisiana eCrash Training
  • On the top menu select Louisiana eCrash. A menu will appear.
  • Select Training Videos.
  • Watch the videos for each of the roles you will have in Louisiana eCrash.

Onboarding Checklist

Step 4: IT Network Setup

Firewalls (and sometimes anti-virus and anti-malware) should be set up to allow in-bound and out-bound traffic for the following sites. Lack of whitelisting or creating exceptions may result in installation issues.

There are two Windows services that will be installed and must not be blocked. They are:

  • UDIP Service
  • CRDL Updater Service

System Requirements - The minimum operating system supported is Windows 10. Client machine requirements are the same as the Windows 10 operating system requirements. Those are detailed here:

After install, please validate that the UDIP and CRDL Updater services are set to "Automatic" and "Running".

Step 5: Download the MOVE Suite

Install MOVE on all computers that will be used to write crash reports.

You can either download the installer from our "About" page or download it directly here and install the application on any computer that will be used to write crash reports.

The installation media should be run with administrative privileges. Not doing so may result in installation issues.

After install, please validate that the UDIP and CRDL Updater services are listed as a Windows services (by running services.msc). They should be set to "Automatic" and "Running".

Step 6: Accessing Agency Louisiana eCrash Portal
  • Administrators
    • Admins will need to visit the admin site to make sure their organization has all users and roles properly ready before the agency begins using Louisiana eCrash. To do so visit
    • Log into the portal using your Louisiana eCrash credentials. If you are an admin for an agency but do not have a Louisiana eCrash account, please contact OTS at (225) 219-6900 or 844-219-6900.
    • After properly logging into the portal, you will have access to add users to Louisiana eCrash and change their roles.
    • For more information about user roles please review the Louisiana eCrash roles document
    • Once all the users are ready your agency is ready to begin using Louisiana eCrash.
  • Supervisors/Clerks
    • Visit:
    • Log into the portal using your Louisiana eCrash credentials to verify your access to the site.

Post-Onboarding Checklist

Step 7: Finish transition by archiving LACRASH
  • Once your agency has finished all of the previous steps, you can begin using Louisiana eCrash. An agency can begin their transition into eCrash slowly (group by group) or all at once. It's completely up to you, however understand that the goal is to completely transition to Louisiana eCrash.
  • LACRASH will become an archive for pre-transitioned crash reports. Make sure all current reports are submitted and locked.
  • To ensure reports can not be created via LACRASH post-transition, you will need to change every LACRASH user's roles. All reports created in LACRASH will be archived and can be viewed/printed by clerks.
  • Everyone with a Supervisor or Officer role will need to have those roles removed.
  • Clerks should be the only role remaining.
  • To change user's roles you can access the LACRASH User Admin application and manually change every user or contact CARTS at 225-578-0366. We can assist by remoting into your LACRASH server and running a script to change everyone's roles.