LA eCrash Messaging


Read below for quick tips to make your eCrash experience easier. Keep checking back as more tips will be added.
  • Updated Rejection Process - The process to reject eCrash reports for revisions has been updated to make it more streamlined, precise, and easier for all. Supervisors now have the ability to make suggestions on every section of eCrash. When the rejected report is opened by the officer, the report will display each section and suggestion. The officer can then click on that suggestion, and it will bring them to that specific section to make the correction. For a quick video tutorial on the new Supervisor's Approval Process, click here.
  • Click here for a tutorial on updating a rejected report for officers.
  • For guidance to complete a specific field, select the field and press F1 (or Function + F1 depending on your computer) to navigate directly to that section of the eCrash User Guide.
  • eCrash now has the ability to create a crash report if the driver cannot be determined through your investigation. Click the box labeled “Vehicle Had No Driver or Driver is Undetermined” in the Vehicle Section. NOTE: This is reserved only for those very few cases where there is no evidence as to who was driving (i.e. - both riders of a motorcycle crash who were ejected and are deceased, or all occupants of a vehicle rollover crash who were ejected and are deceased).
  • To save an eCrash Report to a jump drive, click File at the top left of the program. Then click “Save As”. This will open the “Save As” window. The Local Case # will automatically be displayed in the File Name window. If you want to change the name, simply type the new name. Scroll on the tree to the left to select where you want to save the report to (i.e. - jump drive, or a specific folder on your computer).
  • Visit our website at CARTS ( to find out who we are and for important information on News and Events, Projects, Data Reports, and the new Louisiana eCrash Report System.

New Requirements for eCrash Reporting

Read Below for important requirements to the new eCrash Report System.
  • When updating eCrash Reports to reflect newly obtained information (i.e. - blood toxicology results from alcohol and/or drugs, Hit & Run Driver and/or Vehicle information, etc.,) or to make a correction to the report, the correct way is to enter this information in the appropriate sections on the eCrash Report instead of simply attaching the information in the form of a written supplement. This helps maintain more precise crash reports to better help you with enforcement strategies. To do this, open the report in question and:
    • Update the appropriate field(s) based on feedback.
    • Click “File” then “Upload”.
    • Type name to sign report.
    • Click “Sign” and “Upload”.
  • Unlike the past, information regarding bicyclists (completely human powered and not electric or gas assisted) and wheelchairs (including motorized scooters) involved in crashes are now listed in the Non-Motorist Section of the eCrash Report. They are not to be listed in the Vehicle Section.
  • Crash photos and/or videos are not to be uploaded in any manner (including pdf) to the eCrash Report System. If you have crash photos and/or videos from a crash, refer to your agency guidelines on submitting and storing photos and videos.