About Louisiana eCrash

The Louisiana eCrash software system will be Louisiana's official state-wide solution to electronically capture motor vehicle accident reporting information. Crash reports generated through it are quick, accurate, secure, and legible.

The Louisiana eCrash system provides full-scale consistency and fewer interpretation errors in crash data. Officers can enter accident reporting information using a laptop in their patrol car or a desktop computer in their office. The electronic submission of the data helps to collect traffic crash reporting information in a more timely manner.

Design features include:

  • Individual reports customized to reflect any number of involved drivers, units, persons, pedestrians, or other non-motorists
  • Required report sections remain highlighted in red until complete
  • Data elements are tracked and a validation check prevents the report from being submitted with incomplete data
  • Electronic submission reduces duplicate efforts and provide immediate access to report data
  • Integrated tools
    • Easy Street Draw software for diagramming crash scenes
    • Mapping tool (Mapclick) to aid more accurate location reporting
    • Real-time drivers license lookup
    • Real-time license plate lookup

CARTS will continue to analyze the motor vehicle crash data and produce Louisiana Crash Data and Statistical Reports using data collected from the LA eCrash application.

This was developed through a project funded by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

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